Sofia Coppola for H&M

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Rainstar Boutique’s fashion film pick of the week: Sofia Coppola’s fashion film for H&M’s most recent collaboration with Marni has finally arrived! The film was shot in Marrakech last October with British actress Imogen Poots. The location, specifically chosen by Coppola herself, perfectly compliments Marni’s bold prints and colours:

“I enjoyed doing this film for the Marni and H&M collaboration. I think it’s great how they make fashion accessible and I wanted to show the fantasy fashion can bring,” says Coppola. Behind the scenes footage has also been released for those of you who want to see more from the Academy Award winning director.


The collection goes on sale on March 8th in around 260 H&M stores worldwide.


The video:

Behind the scenes fashion film:


Longchamp Campaigns

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French brand Longchamp has released a series of fresh and cheerful short films, including a “choose your own adventure” film in which the viewer decides how the story develops. In other words, “Keep on Riding” starring Audrey Marnay, throws us back to our own childhood experiences of mystery and adventure as we follow her through the streets of Paris in search for Longchamp’s new Balzane Bag. As we continue to watch and contribute to the world of Fashion in Film, Longchamp takes on a refreshing approach that will not only intrigue the viewer visually, but also engage them with the brand itself through the use of a strong narrative.

Check it out on:

Their most recent campaign features Canadian model Coco Rocha in a playful fashion film entitled “Oh! My Dog,” in which she stumbles and struts down the street following her energetic dog all whilst remaining chic and cheerful. We can’t help but fall in love with Coco, her dog and the handbag.

Hats off to Rainstar Boutique’s partner agency in Paris, Air Paris, who have produced these charming commercials.

Check it out on:


Louis Vuitton Maison Etoile

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If you thought that Louis Vuitton’s Champs Elysees location was amazing, the brand has opened a new flagship store within Rome’s first movie theatre, the Roma Cinema Etoile. American architect Peter Marino has reinvented the space to accommodate a nineteen-seat cinema, using it to showcase short films as part of the company’s movement to support the film industry.

Rainstar Boutique recently met up with Louis Vuitton in Paris to discuss exciting fashion short film projects.



The company has also partnered with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italy’s national film school to help develop and support young Italian Filmmakers. Built in 1907, the building was once again in its full glory on the opening night of the 29th of January 2012, covering three floors with a grand staircase resembling a film-strip.






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The Inside Source calls him ‘The next Louboutin’ 

JEROME C. ROUSSEAU is the creative talent behind one of the hottest footwear labels both sides of the Atlantic.


Susanne went to meet the wonderful designer in LA and spent a whole week with him to create a designer profile film about him. 

Together, they drove through the Hollywood Hills, chatted with Jerome’s beloved cockatoo Malibu and went to see his wonderful PR agent, Ali Smith at The A-List (these are the people who dress up the stars for the Oscars and beyond!!). 


How JEROME got started...

Jerome launched his eponymous label with the Fall 2008 collection. His distinctive creations have been extensively featured in Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, and other publications worldwide. Celebrities wearing the label include Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Stewart, Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore, January Jones, Olivia Wilde, Nicole Richie and others.

Jerome finessed his design skills for ten years in London and Los Angeles, where he worked alongside Matthew Williamson, Isabella Fiore, John Richmond and John Rocha.  He had previously built a strong technical knowledge in footwear design at London’s Cordwainers College, famous for its many reputed alumni including Jimmy Choo and others.  In July 2010, the label was awarded the prestigious “Who Is On Next” accessories prize by Vogue Italia.  The label also recently created the “Quorra” sandal for the Tron : Legacy film, in collaboration with Disney.


Modern art, European design, pop culture and nightlife are some of Jerome’s inspirations. “I initially think in terms of shape, silhouette and structure when I design.  It’s later on that I bring fashion in the equation”.

Born in Quebec, his interest for design was shaped through art and music.  “I started drawing shoes as a teenager after watching a Deee-Lite videoclip.  I was influenced by its unique styling, but it was the overstated retro footwear that first caught my attention”.


JEROME C. ROUSSEAU is available at highly reputed retailers worldwide, including Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, Browns, Le Bon Marche, Holt Renfrew, Dover Street Market and others.

The JEROME C. ROUSSEAU footwear is expertly handcrafted in Italy.




It was a grey day in London and rather warm and sunny in LA when Jerome decided to pick up the phone and ring the Rainstar Boutique team. He was looking to have a film produced; obviously knowing about the power of fashion film marketing. 

And there she was, all dressed up and excited: Susanne was in the plane to LA just 2 weeks later, leaving Eliza behind on a rather rainy film set in London. 

Watch the fashion designer profile film here:




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Young and dynamic fashion label Ruby Rocks already has a solid celebrity fan base, Danii Minogue, Fearne just mention a few.



When Jennifer MacDonald (founder and designer of Ruby Rocks) came through Rainstar Boutique’s door, she had a clear mission: she wanted to utilize film as a marketing tool for her label. Eliza and Jenny went to have a long, inspiring brainstorm to define what kind of film they wanted to make together. Producing this film was an absolute pleasure and the Rainstar Boutique team immediately fell in love with Ruby Rocks’s wonderful, female and extraordinary style. 

The film was so successful that Rainstar Boutique is now producing a whole series for Ruby Rocks to continue the story and take the audiences on a magical journey and right into Ruby Rocks’s world. 


Watch the film here:





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A very different, exciting and creative project: we recently produced is a short film for Jameson Whiskey. 

We received a call from our contact at The Creative Grid, Ralph Cochrane, who said: ‘Hey, would you like to work with a real bartender, create a cocktail and direct a film for Jameson?’ 

Who can say no to that? 



Drinking lots of Whiskey and attending a professional tasting has obviously always been on top of our list - so, tick that box. 

Learning all the secrets of the bar trade from a real bartender, yes, that’s definitely exciting - another box ticked. 

Creating a cocktail together with a specialist: that has always been a secret dream of ours. We’re ticking too many boxes here. 


So, thanks to The Creative Grid, we went to produce an exciting short film for Jameson, and a glamorous screening saw us on the red carpet: branded entertainment with style, creative advertisement -- something different. 


The interesting thing was that Jameson asked us to come up with a concept and so we did: The whole idea was evolving around a male bartender - of course, what else? But then, Eliza got another call from Ralph @ The Creative Grid who said: Eliza, I want you to meet your bartender, Sarah. 

Sarah? A female bartender, or mixologist, how they call it these days? Impossible?

Not at all. Eliza went to meet Sarah and it was love at first sight. Shooting this film was a lot of fun and they both thoroughly enjoyed this experience. 


Watch what Sarah and all the other bartenders have to say about their filming experience:


Watch the film:





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One day last spring, we received an unusual request: Denmark’s leading coffin manufacturer asked us to make a film about their Award winning new range. Their PR agency, the lovely Camron PR team, had recommended them to get in touch with us.

And, there we were: looking at their brief and thinking to ourselves: are we intimidated by this? A film all about coffins?

The answer was: No, not at all, because we quickly understood that this is the most aesthetic and elegant designer coffin you can find on the market and their holistic philosophy, dedication and commitment to their product immediately got us very excited.

We came up with a concept and a couple of months later found ourselves in the plane to Denmark with our crew to film their beautiful design product.


Two highlights of the trip were filming at the Design Studio Jacob Jensen and getting up at 4am in the morning to film the sunrise over the Limfjord.


We really enjoyed making a film for a design studio that has such a similar visual understanding to us.


The result is a film we are proud of and the Jacob Jensen and Tommerup Kister team are now traveling the world, with their Diamant Series and a piece of cinematography in their bags.

Watch the film, here:




for more information about the Diamant Series. 


At Jacob Jensen studio: we loved the studio so much that we tried our best to become part of the decoration


A friendly studio dog

Amazing view from the Jacob Jensen Studio


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