Christie's Gallery Talk - The Madoura Collection

by Administrator 15. May 2012 17:45

Last week the Rainstar Team had the honour of coming face to face with a selection of Pablo Picasso’s ceramics from The Madoura Collection for a video production with Christie’s, the international auction house.

From the Grand Vase aux Femmes Voilees to the Vallauris plate, specialists India Philipps and Michelle McMullan, talked us through the historic importance of each individual piece – and even gave us some insider stories about the artist himself.

Seeing Picasso’s works up close really bought to life the artist’s imagination and main influences, such as his pet owl and goat as well as his native Spain. His attention to detail is highlighted by the fact that his techniques translate so naturally onto his clay canvas through his use of shapes and bold coloration. Once again, Picasso makes it all look so effortless.

We could go on and on about the history of this collection but we don’t want to spoil the video for anyone so watch this space closely in the days to come…



 For now we will leave you with an excerpt from Christie’s Press Release for The Madoura Collection for those of you who can, want or absolutely need to grab one of Picasso’s incredible works:

“This unrivalled Collection is expected to realise a total in the region of £2 million, and will be offered at Christie’s South Kensington saleroom over two days – at 4pm on 25 June and at 10am on 26 June 2012. The auctions will comprise of around 550 ceramics in perfect condition, many of which have remained untouched since they were created, as well as prints, posters, photography and furniture from the Pottery. A broad selection of Picasso’s catalogue raisonné is on offer, dating from his earliest ceramics in 1947 through to his last in 1971, and estimates range from £100 up to £100,000. Highlights from the collection will be on exhibition in Paris, Hong Kong and Christie’s King Street premises prior to the full-sale exhibition in South Kensington, London”



Our Favourite Fashion Films of the Month

by Administrator 17. April 2012 17:15

Writer's Block

Gia Coppola has directed yet another original short fashion film, this time for the DVFCurrent/Elliott collaboration.The 60’s inspired fashion film stars Tracy Antonopoulos, a young screenwriter in Hollywood struggling to find inspiration. Narrated by Aubrey plaza, this quirky tale perfectly correlates with Diane Von Furstenburg’s collaboration with Current/Elliott, which features eye popping colours and vintages floral prints. We absolutely love the narrative voice in this piece, as Gia’s natural talent and cinematic influences take us through atheatrical journey in less than five minutes.




55DSL has joined forces with the young director David Altobelli to create a short fashion film “Roma” for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Founded in Italy in 1994 as an experimental spin-off of the popular Diesel brand, 55DSL is capturing a fresh young attitude by collaborating with some of the world’s most creative and progressive directors.LA-based David Altobelli has just been signed to TheDirectors Bueau – Roman Coppola’s boutique production company that only represents 16 directors! This beautiful, evocative piece follows a young couple as they explore the outskirts of Rome.



The traveller

A beautiful woman in delicate cotton basics wonders across the forests and fields of Victoria, Australia where she discovers an empty cottage. Liam Gilmour, Peter Ryle and Tomas Frimi have come together to create this beautiful imagery for the Melbourne brand Obus in their Winter 2012 fashion film “The Traveller.” This piece truly takes the viewer on a journey of escapism and perfectly convey the soft shapes and clean fabrics of the collection.    



Luxury brand Alfred Dunhill brought London to life in Shanghai as it unveiled the latest menswear collection. A group of models stood on a stage made to look like Trafalgar Square as a projection sequence simulated the four seasons experienced throughout the year. Over one thousand guests were present at the holographic spectacle, which also included specially created scents for each season in order to obtain a full sensory experience! So open your window (because if you're in London, it's probably raining right now) and check out the video:


An exciting addition to the Rainstar Team and more!

by Administrator 16. March 2012 15:48

Welcome to Rainstar, Riccardo!







Rainstar would like to welcome Riccardo Sai, the newest member to our team! Riccardo is an award-  winning director who has created commercial content for companies such as the BBC, Microsoft, Agent Provocateur, Unilever, Nike, Grazia and Brunello Cucinelli. His broad experience in advertising, music videos and drama have shaped his strong sense of style and a keen eye for detail. We are very excited to have him on board, watch this space to see the magic between Riccardo and Rainstar unfold…

 Riccardo’s showreel:


The Tailor Made Film Project

While we cannot reveal too much information just yet, we wanted to let everyone know about a little project up Rainstar’s sleeve…The Tailor Made Film Project. The narrative short film is at the core of our mission to bring a more valuable and engaging brand marketing tool to the limelight. The Tailor Made Film Project will give the opportunity to selected clients to create their own short film and behind-the-scenes video.

Exciting partners, an exciting fashion and luxury film production venture. Watch this space to find out more very soon…


Our Favourites…

This week, we wanted to share a few more fashion films with you…

Gwyneth Paltrow in “Modern Preppy” 

Gwyneth Paltrow has teamed up with Scandinavian brand Lindex for their “Modern Preppy” spring campaign. 

“The campaign was inspired by the sporty, relaxed lifestyle that is characteristic of USA's East Coast gems, such as Long Island and the Hamptons, yet with a certain Scandinavian touch. The combination results in a fresh, new feeling” – Lindex

 In the behind-the-scenes fashion film, Gwyneth shares her personal styling tips and her own fashion inspirations, explaining why she was so drawn to the “Modern Preppy” Campaign. While celebrity endorsements are no new phenomenon, yet Gwyneth brings a certain charm to the video by allowing a form of narrative, a relationship to develop between herself and the clothes. A collaboration that was obviously meant to be.

Watch the fashion film/behind the scenes video here:


Trench Trip – United Arrows

While award-winner director Sofia Coppola recently released her short for Marni at H&M, her niece Gia Coppola seems to be following in her footstep with her own fashion film for Japanese clothing brand United Arrows. Trench Trip is a two-minute live-action look book staring model/actress Kiko Mizuhara, who teases and taunts a United Arrows employee around the store as she prances around in the spring collection. Trench Trip’s whimsical campaign also includes a dedicated website featuring behind-the-scenes interviews and a closer look at the five ensembles worn by Mizuhara. The items are even presented in the closing titles as if they were actors in a movie!

Gia Coppola presents the fashion film in all its glory:


Rainstar's favourite commercials of the month

by Administrator 8. March 2012 16:02


  1. We start off with our favourite Fashion Film, courtesy of the French luxury brand Cartier, with L'Odyssee de Cartier


Cartier revealed its biggest campaign in over a decade with a beautiful cinematographic fashion film to honour its 164th anniversary on March 4th. The three and a half minute film follows the iconic symbol of the brand – the panther – around the globe, highlighting key moments and locations from Cartier’s long history:

"This project has been treated like a real movie," Cartier UK's executive chairman Arnaud M.Bamberger explained at a preview screening at Cartier's London HQ, "we wanted the best special effects, a big director, an incredible model and props to intertwine with our incredible history. "We wanted a movie we would be proud to show to Steven Spielberg".

'La Panthère' is the nickname of Cartier's legendary designer Jeanne Toussaint, who created their first ever piece of panther jewellery - a bracelet for the Duchess of Windsor.

The panther comes to life in the salon of the Cartier maison on Rue de la Paix in Paris and begins her journey across St Petersburg, China, India before boarding Alberto Santos-Dumont’s airplane. Travelling though the Russian snow, the animal races against a horse-drawn carriage before encountering a golden dragon in China – a liaison sending homage to Cartier’s first chimera bracelet in 1922. An Indian palace filled with pieces of animal-themed jewelry - kept in the Cartier archive — welcomes the panther as she is transported on an elephant’s back. Finally, the panther leaps onto the wings of the airplane built by the Brazilian aviation legend Alberto Santos-Dumont, who commissioned the classic Cartier Santos watch in 1904. The airplane then swoops into Paris in a reference to the pilot’s legendary flight around the Eiffel Tower in 1901. As the panther disembarks on to the roof of the Place Vendôme, she encounters supermodel Shalom Harlow at the Grand Palais.

L'Odyssée was directed by Bruno Aveillan and supported by a crew of 60 on location, with a further film team of 50 special effects technicians working on the post-production for six months. The film, Cartier's first genuine venture into the world of screen advertising, will be shown at 800 UK cinema screenings and televised in 12 countries around the globe:

"We want to build up an awareness of Cartier worldwide to give us huge impact around the world," Bamberger explained, "It's not a commercial decision, more a celebration of our history and a chance for us to bring that to a wider audience."



2. Our second favourite, a road safety campaign, is a little out of our usual territory but had such an impact on us that we had to share it with you! Embrace Life is everything Rainstar loves about the visual medium of film.

We’ve all seen road safety campaigns, the ones that shock and disturb us to the point where we turn away from the television screen or even change the channel. Director Daniel Cox has taken a completely different approach in the award winning seatbelt advocacy commercial “Embrace Life.”

This commercial is one of Rainstar Boutique’s absolute favourites. The short film shows a mother and daughter sitting in their living room, watching the father pretending to drive a car. As he turns to look at them, his concentration is momentarily taken off the road, ignoring an obstacle ahead. His wife and daughter come to his rescue by embracing him around his waist and chest, taking the role of the seatbelt. The car crashes and the man is violently thrown in his seat as his legs jolt out and kick over a table with a bowl of small metallic confetti, which glistens in the air like shattered glass.

"I wanted to create a visual metaphor addressing how a single decision in a person's day can greatly influence both their own and their loved ones' lives. Choosing to film the story inside the family living room represents the feelings many people equate with their own car, in that it represents a level of safety and protection from the 'outer' world. So to create the emotion of this dramatic moment, I wanted to tell the story using slow motion to allow the audience the time to be drawn into the film's world and to let them connect with and project their own feelings onto the scenario playing out before them” Daniel Cox.

 Since its launch in January 2010, the advert has become a worldwide viral phenomenon, gathering over 14 millions views on YouTube to date. The campaign has scooped a wide range of awards, including YouTube Ad of the Year, New York International Advertising Awards and a Bronze Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Awards. This is beautiful example of what can be done with a good narrative and the appropriate artistic techniques – a commercial with a cinematic and filmic look just the way the Rainstar Boutique team approaches their commercial production. As a viewer, it is important for us to be drawn into a story, which obviously becomes more difficult with the time restraint imposed on most advertisement. However, “Embrace Life” proves that simplicity is key.


3. Last, but not least, we present to you Momentos, one of LG Portugal's short films for its "Good Things Happen" campaign

In May 2010, LG Portugal launched “Good Things Happen,” a short film series that began with Nuno Rocha’s “Momentos.” The seven-minute film features a homeless man whose life is changed by sitting in front of an LG television shop display.

This is not a traditional advertising campaign focused on selling goods, but rather an attempt to evoke strong positive feelings and make people think differently by associating curiosity, humanity and pleasure with the brand. This is a great example of how far the concept of narrative commercials can be taken.

“Momentos” has since won awards at International Short Film Festival in Greece and in France, which comes as no surprise considering its effective use of story telling all whilst advertising LG.


Tory Burch - First London Store!

by Administrator 8. March 2012 15:57

The designer responsible for bringing Upper East Side and Hamptons chic to the masses opened her first London store on the 9th December.

Tory Burch founded her line in 2004 from a small shop in New York's Nolita to raving reviews - her entire stock sold out on opening day. Inspired by her parent’s chic wardrobe from the 1960’s, the collection is full of bold prints, caftans, sequined cardigans, and evening wear.

The London store, at 149 New Bond Street, is in the space of a former Louis Vuitton flagship, and has two floors. The opening comes a month after Burch opened her first European store in Rome.

"I have fond memories of visiting London with my family when I was growing up, and I am thrilled to be opening a boutique here," she says.



Much of her success has been linked to an extensive digital strategy, says Miki Berardelli, who has served as chief marketing officer of Tory Burch since 2009.

The company launched ecommerce immediately after opening its first shop, making generate more revenue than any physical store. Burch also maintains a direct and ongoing dialogue with her friends and fans on Twitter, which she does with easy-going and authentic manner. The company’s blog, which is run by former InStyle editor Honor Brodie, is broadly recognized in the industry as one of the leading examples of ongoing, brand-developed content.

And it seems as though Tory Burch has hopped on to the fashion film bandwagon! The designer collaborated with filmmaker/DJ Tabitha Denholm in the below fashion film featuring a woman wearing Tory Burch's collection pieces in her adventures through the streets of London with her canine companion.

Rainstar is hoping to work with the designer in the near future and to make a charming fashion video for them!,default,pg.html?bpid=42185



Paris Fashion Week: Balmain Autumn/Winter 2012

by Administrator 8. March 2012 15:27


As Fashion Month continues, we travel across to Paris, where twenty-five-year- old Olivier Rousteing, the newest designer for Balmain, presented his second ready-to-wear collection for the brand. Backstage, the designer explained that he was inspired by the jewels of Liz Taylor, discovered during a recent voyage to New York at Christie’s auction house. His fascination with an egg of blue Fabergé sky and gold offered by Richard Burton to his wife is ever present throughout the collection.

Beautifully beaded dresses, tops and jackets with rich shades of pearl white, gold, green and deep navy were met with cut-out materials and patterns. From Balmain’s signature biker jackets to suits, leggings and velvet pants, the designer’s choice of strong shoulder silhouettes and beautiful embroidery created an androgynous, yet sultry collection. Rousteing takes a classic reference and infuses it with a touch of modern appeal.



The brand has yet to release a fashion video for the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection but you can look at what they created for the Spring/Summer Collection right here:



London Fashion Week: Antonio Berardi Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

by Administrator 1. March 2012 13:10


 Antonio Berardi presented his Autumn/Winter Collection at London Fashion Week in the art deco grandeur of Senate House. Rainstar Boutique was there to catch all of the action, from behind the scenes to the runway.


Berardi presented a collection of beautiful sculptured shapes and curves, a perfect balance between femininity, glamour and strength. From oversized coats to fitted dresses, a strong androgynous style was enhanced with blunt fringes and rouge tinted lips to create the “handsome beauty” look.

You can watch our catwalk film here:

And behind the scenes here: - p=/Work/Fashion/antonio-berardi-aw-2012-sponsored-by-peroni


The Artist

by Administrator 29. February 2012 17:41

While it may be an obvious choice, Rainstar cannot praise this movie enough. After winning five Oscars at the Academy Awards this weekend, this unique film hardly needs an introduction, but for those of you who have yet to see it, French director Michel Hazanavicius manages to bring a black and white silent film to the twenty first century. It tells the story of a Hollywood film star (Jean DuJardin) loosing control of his career through the emergence of  “talkies.”

"People think silent movies are intellectual. It's just the opposite. It's really sensual. Instead, talking movies use dialogue in an intellectual way to tell stories" says Michel Hazanavicius.

With the absence of sound, a certain romance between the camera and each character is able to develop, an engaging moment that often remains superficial in today’s action packed blockbusters. Rainstar Boutique believes this is the most important part of any artistic process, being able to connect and engage the audience to the content, to the story. Of course, this romance would not be possible without the beautifully cast Jean DuJardin and Berenice Bejo, who bring a refreshing energy to their characters. Both convey their emotions with ease and certainty through their strong facial expressions and body language

The Artist won awards for Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role, Directing, Costume Design and Original Score at the 84th Academy Awards this month. So how did a silent black and white film become so successful in today’s technologically saturated society? Perhaps it is the complex but innate power of storytelling, from true stories and fantasy to news and gossip. Michel Hazanavicius courageously goes back to the basics, a great screenplay and engaging actors, which is ultimately the true magic of the movies.

The French director has inspired us to continue doing black and white fashion films as we recreate the romance of cinema through our work.


Cartier's "A Colour and a Name"

by Administrator 29. February 2012 17:19


Once upon a time in Paris, three love stories, three short movies. Cartier puts love in the spotlight with three short films inspired by proposals, brought to the screen by the Italian director Luca Guadagnino, 2011 Golden Globes nominee for his movie "Amore". Working with the American screenwriter Xan Cassavettes, the director brings to the screen three love stories involving Paris and jewellery, each set in a different part of the city: the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the Opéra and the Palais Royale. The videos were released on Facebook as part of the latest Cartier advertising campaign “True Love has a Colour and a Name.”

Cartier has managed to artistically introduce the narrative medium into its own branding of its jewellery.  This is a big step for fashion films as audiences can begin to see just how far this concept can be taken.


A young couple celebrate their engagement at a party on Rue du Gaubourg Saint Honore in Paris. The couple, played by Hugo Becker and Marine Vacht sneak away to small room with a view of the Eiffel Tower, where the groom gives the bride a Cartier engagement ring.


The second video takes place in the Jardin du Palais Royal as a couple are seen filming a movie together. As the scene comes to an end, Valentina Cervi playfully runs around Paris with a young man as they talk idly about marriage.


Young and mature love meet in front of the Place de l’Opera in Paris in Cartier’s third short film of the series. An older woman, Aurore Clement, sitting in a chauffeured car with her husband is inspired by the scenery around her to revive her early memories of true love.


Film meets Fashion at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

by Administrator 20. February 2012 13:56


       Fashion Month is here again, with the first shows kicking off last week in New York as designers such as Alexander Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg and Philip Lim presented their fall 2012 collections. With more than 350 shows in the Big Apple alone, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of hemlines, colour palettes and hairspray. Here at Rainstar Boutique, we are already looking forward to our favourite designers’ fashion films, which will not only showcase these new collections to the marketplace, but also allow the designers to express their vision in ways that are often limited by the runway. Many of these short fashion films will be showcased at the annual La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in San Diego, CA in July 2012.  The festival was founded in 2010 to showcase the best in fashion films and has been growing ever since. Rainstar Boutique is thrilled to be part of it.

“Fashion cinema is revolutionizing fashion marketing, and LJFFF is at the cutting edge of it. The LJFFF combines cinema, social media, and fashion into one of the world’s premiere digital fashion events. Ultimately, the goal is to go beyond previous digital barriers and limitations to create new digital distribution channels, networks and markets for the benefit of both the designers and consumer.”(Fred Sweet, Producer of Fashion Film Network and Founder of LJFF)



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