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by Administrator 7. May 2013 11:26

      Luxury brands have, for a long time, relied on imagery to engage consumers and convey desirability. Yet with the indisputable success of video campaigns, an interactive video experience is today just as important as a stills campaign. Moving image provides the consumer with an incomparable product experience. Our increased use of tablets and smartphones has pushed luxury brand marketers to keep up with a growing mobile and online video consumption by optimizing their content to meet consumer behaviours whilst building brand awareness. A great example is Tory Burch’s video newsletter which showed how to style a tweed jacket from their spring season collection. The e-mail also linked through to the brands’ e-commerce website where customers could buy the product – for an entertaining, engaging product experience and purchase.

      Of course, some of the most successful video campaigns are those that bring out emotions in an audience through a well-told story and that’s what excites us here at Rainstar Boutique: we have a classical film background and love to engage the consumer through telling a good story through the medium of film.

      In 2009, Baz Luhrmann directed the now infamous short film for Chanel, No.5 The Film starring Nicole Kidman. After its worldwide success, Cartier and Dior were quick to follow as they adopted the concept of narrative marketing. This enabled heritage brands to remind their costumers of their history and reputation, the foundations on which their prestige has flourished. This relatively new trend enables the viewer to have a clear understanding of the brand’s image whilst also connecting, on a deeper level, with the story being conveyed. Which is why we were particularly drawn to the elegant look and personal touch of Rolex'sBehind the Rolex. The brand has long been known as a symbol of success, achievement and victory, a reputation that is backed up by the stories of six accomplished women and their watches in this beautiful video.


      Marketers are always looking for creative and effective ways to draw in vast audiences, which is why more and more luxury brands are collaborating with big-name directors, producers and actors. To celebrate the arrival of the F-TYPE, Jaguar teamed up with Ridley Scott Associates to create Desire, an action-packed short film directed by Adam Smith, starring Damian Lewis: “This film creates the opportunity for Jaguar to showcase the F-Type by giving the car a key role in the film, and highlight its features, performance specs and scenic straightaway shots as part of a story line, rather than a hard pitch in a commercial,” said Ryan Hattaway, president of Mogul Media Group, Miami, FL. “It’s a softer marketing approach because the film keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout, while giving Jaguar the opportunity for controlled product placement with targeted celebrities, actors and musicians,” he said.

      The effectiveness of these video marketing strategies are popping up in other sectors, as Starwood Hotels & Resorts Luxury Collectionbeautifully showcased in an original film titled “Here” starring Agyness Deyn, in which we are guided through three of the company’s properties: “It’s about selling the brand as a lifestyle. While direct advertising can still play a big role in the marketing portfolio, brands are constantly searching for more creative channels to reach their target audiences by aligning themselves with film, art, sports and music” says Mr. Hattaway. You can watch the film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fziRTiEF_Ck


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