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by Administrator 18. September 2012 15:21

"Storytelling sells products online, especially if they are unique."

We stumbled upon a gem of an article recently on "Different Digital Marketing Trends for Fashion, Luxury and Retail," and wanted to share the goods! As a Video Production Company based in London, it is important to stand out from the crowd, which is why we have always believed in the power of storytelling: If you want to increase your brand’s value, loyalty and desirability, you need to start entertaining them.” However, we understand that it is just as important to keep up with modern technology and the different ways it can help increase the success of your product or brand:  "In addition, Michael Litt, co-founder of VidYard, talked about new technologies that allow customers to purchase a product from a video window without interrupting the video playback, creating a seamless ecommerce experience." 

Check out the entire article, here: http://fashionablymarketing.me/2012/04/digital-marketing-trends-retail/


Hamburg here we come!

by Administrator 18. September 2012 14:42

The Rainstar Team will be travelling to Hamburg soon! We are very excited to be working with the amazing Director of Photography, Tom Mitchell, who will be working with us during the secret two-day shoot to capture all of the surprises we have in store for you… 


Darren Statman's "Hades"

by Administrator 18. September 2012 14:18



One of our favourite collaborating directors, Darren Statman, showcases his ever-growing talent in a new short film for Untitled Motorcycles, a group of bespoke bike builders based in Camden. The people behind the local workshop have been building a brand that focuses on the quality and individuality of each of their products since 2009, an attribute that customers value above all. Statman’s beautifully shot “Hades” was filmed around South East London, guerilla style, to flaunt and promote these beautiful motorcycles into the digital marketing sphere. The video stays true to Untitled’s authentic approach, focusing on the power and history of the bikes to present them in their full glory.

The short film will be screened on the 27th September in Camden:


Check out the video and what the director himself has to say about “Hades,” here:


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